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Monster Gang


Favorite Color: Red

Monster Abilities: Skeleton jaw bite, bones can be reassembled to use as zombie hunting weapons, bones can be reassembled properly, vocal ability, rides his longboard

Named After: Hercules, the Roman hero and God. Along with being Frankie's childhood dog and brother.

Favorite Horror Movie:  Pet Semetery

Personality: Strong leader, friendly, a bit goofy and sometimes sarcastic, analytical, not afraid to laugh at himself or take himself that seriously but yet struggles with inner turmoil of a highly critical mindset.  Not afraid to sniff around for clues to make sense of things



Favorite Color: Brown

Monster Abilities: Flying, shit stains, dizzying babble talk

Named After: Bat, flipped backwards.

Favorite Horror Movie:  One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

Personality: Eccentric and literally batshit crazy. Hard to make sense of what Tab ever really says (or means). He is spontanious and sporadic, a wild card for the gang. It is believed Tab flew over from Cherynobyl.


Favorite Color: Orange

Monster Abilities: Highly intellectual, small size allows for her to hide in many places, defends monsters rights and has yet to ever to lose a case

Named After: Sushi, a common food found in Japan.

Favorite Horror Movie:  Godzilla

Personality: Smart, aggressive, punctual


Favorite Color: Pink and Blue

Monster Abilities: Undead, the ability to see deeper than whats on the surface, may keep quiet but doesn't ever give up on advancing

Named After: Scout, the tomboy/narrator from "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Favorite Horror Movie:  Night of the Living Dorks

Personality: A shy and timid, girl. She appears to be friendly but always feels awkward at the same time. She has a lot to say in regards to many things, but keeps quiet due to her mouth being sewn shut. Internally she struggles and fights with herself to remove the stitches on her mouth,  allowing her to use her voice and be heard.


Favorite Color: Yellow

Monster Abilities: Zombified pizza, sticky and stretchy cheese skin, pizza sauce blood trail, body can mush into a dough ball and travel far distances

Named After: A slice of pizza

Favorite Horror Movie:  Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Personality: California surfer type, almost always chill, lets things go easily, just likes to hang out. Being so relaxed he knows how to let go of his own personal baggage so he can listen to others problems


Favorite Color: Purple

Monster Abilities: Mummy wrappings, stealth, awesome punk rock hair

Named After: Ges is part of the words bandages

Favorite Horror Movie:  The Mummy (with Brandon Fraiser, like, duh!)

Personality: Anxious, nervous, and always self conscious of her own body, she hides herself in wrappings and bandages. She sometimes alters her body hoping to figure out what she needs in life to be happy.  She sees her herself in a reconstruction phase. 


Favorite Color: Dark Grey

Monster Abilities: Deadly film tape, it can hide incognito as a regular VHS tape, hidden razor sharp teeth, can jump

Named After: Victor, the Japanese company that created the VHS in the '70's

Favorite Horror Movie:  The Video Dead

Personality: As the older gang member, it's approach to life reflects on it's past knowledge of the world as it's been around for around 50 years now. Is also a pothead, sometimes chill, sometimes hungry, sometimes existential, rarely a dick unless need be.